British Infantry Battalion, June 1944

Rifle Company

Numbers in parenthesis indicate number of personnel assigned to role, number of unallocated weapons or number of sub-units in detachment.

Note on ranks

Subaltern may have been 1st or 2nd Lieutenant

Company Headquarters

Unit Rank Weapon Vehicle
Company Commander Major Pistol  
Second-in-command Captain Pistol  
Company Sergeant-major Warrant Officer II Rifle  
Company Quartermaster Sergeant Staff Sergeant Rifle  
Sniper (2) Private Rifle  
Company Clerk Private Rifle  
Storeman Private Rifle  
Orderly (3) Private Rifle Bicycle
Driver-mechanic Private Rifle Universal Carrier *
Batman-driver  Private Sten 5-cwt Jeep
Batman-driver Private Sten 15-cwt truck
Driver, IC Corporal Sten 15-cwt truck
Driver, IC Private Sten 15-cwt truck


* Bren light machine gun and 2-inch mortar in Carrier

Company Weapons (issued at direction of CO);

Projector, Infantry, Anti-tank (3)

Rifle Platoon (3), each

Unit Rank Weapon Vehicle

Platoon HQ

Platoon Commander Subaltern Pistol  
Platoon Sergeant Sergeant Rifle  
Batman * Private Rifle  
Orderly Private Rifle Bicycle
Mortar Commander Lance-corporal Rifle  
Mortar Number 1 Private Sten, 2-inch mortar  
Mortar Number 2 Private Rifle  
Rifle Section (3) each      
Section Commander Corporal Sten  
Rifleman (6) Private Rifle  
Second-in-command Lance-corporal Rifle  
Bren Number 1 Private Bren  
Bren Number 2 Private Rifle  


* Batman normally acted as Signaller

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