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Second World War

An enthusiast's site dedicated to the evolution of the Infantry Battalion, in its many forms, during the course of the Second World War.


Overview    Please take a look at the introduction and overview pages as they help to put the descriptions in their proper perspective.

The links below lead to a section devoted to the Army indicated.  Each section contains an examination of the officially authorised Battalion structures for the Infantry, Motorised and Airborne formations deployed, plus some specialist units.  There is also a brief look at the Divisional formations in which they served.

The British Army    Infantry, Motor, Parachute and Air Landing Battalions and Commando; Added other Battalion types (Chindit, Mountain and Light)

Commonwealth Armies    Australian, Canadian and New Zealand Infantry and Motor Battalions

The United States Army    Infantry, Armored Infantry, Parachute Infantry, Glider Infantry and Ranger Battalions

The United States Marine Corps    Marine Infantry, Raider and Parachute Battalions; Added Marine Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion and Divisional Reconnaissance Company

The German Army    Infantry, Volks Grenadier, Panzer Grenadier, Schutzen and Parachute Battalions

The Italian Army    Infantry, North African Type 1942 and Combat Group Battalions

The Japanese Army    Infantry Battalions (Standard, Strengthened and Island Warfare)

Reconnaissance Units    British, United States and German Army motorised and mechanised Reconnaissance units

Example TOE    fully detailed descriptions of a selection of Infantry Battalions and specialist Company sized units.

Battalion Summary Tables    quick summary tables of various Allied and Axis units, showing the changes in equipment and strength during the conflict.

Other areas of the site;

Infantry Weapons of World War Two

Outline statistics and illustrations of the range of weapons deployed by infantry units during the conflict.

Infantry Tactics of World War Two

A brief examination of the tactics used by the Infantry Battalion and its sub-units.

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